Grow and manage your primary care practice.

Nimbo delivers the satisfaction and value that help ensure optimal allocation of healthcare resources, keep physicians focused on patient care, and lower your total cost of ownership.

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The Digital Patient Management Platform
your practice needs.

The patient journey differs for every practice.
Our products are flexible enough to fit the specific needs of your business.


Easy to use clinical management software.

Electronic Health Record -EHR:

Nimbo helps physicians to create unique patient electronic records. Doctors can create their own medical templates or diagnostic papers to be digital saving time, space and money. Nimbo shows patients medical history in every visit and their laboratory or imaging exams to help doctors see the full picture about their patient’s history. Nimbo guarantees to provide doctors with unlimited medical forms which are totally customizable to match the medical need for all specialities.

Clinical Decision Support:

Nimbo uses Wolters Kluwer’s technology - UpToDate® capitalizing on an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions.Through this Integration doctors will have the access for clinical topics across 25 specialties, graded recommendations, unique drug entries and medical calculators. Also, Nimbo will alert doctors with drug-drug interactions and drug -Food interactions.

Order sets & Machine Learning:

Nimbo can recognise patients suffering from the same signs & symptoms and suggest to the doctor his last consultation for the same diagnosis which will save time and make his work easier.Saving 5 min in each visit , do you imagine how many new patients you can see?

Electronic Prescriptions:

Now doctors can create electronic prescriptions with their clinic name and logo. This will eliminate handwriting problems.

Easy to Refer:

Nimbo help doctors to easily refer their patients' medical history to other speciality doctor only with one click.


Medical Scheduling software for reducing patient no-shows.

Online Booking & Online Payment:

With Nimbo your patients can check your availability and book available slots either for tele-health or in-person appointments. Based on Nimbo and google calendar integration patients will only be able to see physician/s available slots. Physicians will receive a notification with a new booking to confirm then patients can pay via credit card or debit card through the payment gateway you like. Doctors can share their booking link through their website or social media platforms to increase their digital exposure.

Email, SMS and WhatsApp patient reminders:

Nimbo will send Email, SMS or WhatsApp automatically to confirmed and remind patients with their confirmed appointments to eliminate no show.

Easy to use:

Nimbo will help you coordinate the effort between physician/s and their paramedical staff. All medical and administrative staff will know which patient is coming at when to guarantee providing tailored customer service.

Better control of physician time:

Nimbo can differentiate your scheduled appointments to be classified into new patients with newly generated ID or recurring / exciting patients with known patient profiles. This can help physicians to make hybride appointments to be available online and offline for their patients. Also nurses & assistants can manage multiple doctors' agenda at the same time which will be the best solution for booking in polyclinics.


Take control over your inventory and patient charges.

Nimbo is a fully integrated Solution to manage a clinic or polyclinic or group of polyclinics. An All-in-one solution to schedule patients, manage admission , manage radiology and laboratory departments, manage pharmacy , manage billing, claims and inventory items plus a full back-end financial management system including ERP and HR..

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) :

Nimbo helps  doctors  preserve and manage their patients' billing records. It reduces the time between offering a service and receiving payment for it by interacting with other Nimbo modules like the electronic health record and billing modules.

Financial Management:

Nimbo is useful to manage your clinic’s assets , income and expenses. Nimbo performs various functions: reducing accounting errors, maintaining audit trails, and ensuring compliance with applicable accounting standards.

Inventory Management:

Proper inventory management helps you figure out exactly how much inventory you need to have on-hand. Nimbo will help you prevent product shortages and allow you to keep just enough inventory without having too much in the warehouse. This will help your daily operations, revenue stream and losses because of inventory expiration.

Manage your accounts receivable:

Good receivables management helps prevent overdue payment or non-payment. It’s  a quick and effective way to strengthen your company's financial position.

Configurable price list and contract management:

Nimbo helps you configure your prices and calculate your costs. You can create a price list for payers, insurance companies, and syndicates. Imagine how this will save you time and make your day hustle free.


Stay tuned with your patients.

A modern and professional way for you to stay in touch with your patients.

  • Build a support team to chat with your patients
  • Convert chat patient inquiries into in patient consultations or teleconsultations
  • Asynchronous communication with your patients


Attract and achieve patient engagement.

Attract more patients and manage your digital reputation.

  • Personalized website
  • Enhanced online presence
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Online advertising


Hundreds of clients trust Nimbo

Primary care centers, large and small, use Nimbo every day to have a better control of their patients and their practice.

Can your current EHR do all of this?

Nimbo has all the functionality you need to have a simple,
fast and easy control of your practice’s day to day operation.

Easy Patient Scheduling:

Nimbo is a comprehensive EHR which have appointment-setting capabilities that allow office staff to easily schedule patients, register them and choose a reason for their visit. Also allow your patients to see free slots to book their encounters by themselves. Nimbo sends out automatic appointment reminders via email or text in order to reduce no-shows and ensure better collections.

Medical history and charting

Furnishing health history in a secure format.
Accurate Facts and Figures. Important symptoms & Signs.Diagnoses, Treatment methods, and Medication. Prescription and Billing Services.Safer and clear Prescription and Billing service.Lab analysis, Tests, and Results.
Medication-oriented problems, Reactions, and other conditions.

Print prescriptions and health records

Set up your medical prescriptions and always have the option to export health records to PDF and print them for referrals.

Work across your practice

Your assistant will be able to help you manage your schedule and other administrative tasks so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Store files

Keep all your patient data in one place by attaching X-rays, lab studies, files, photos or any other document to a patient’s health record. You won’t waste precious time looking for misplaced charts or hunting for lost patient information.

Clinical Decision Support

We use Wolters Kluwer’s technology - UpToDate® capitalizing on an evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource which clinicians trust to make the right point-of-care decisions.

​​Detailed Reporting

​​We are in the age of big data and analytics. Nimbo will give you real-time access to clinical and financial data, thereby enabling you to make the right decisions for your practice.

Templates and Order Sets

How many times a week do you treat different patients with the same condition? Nimbo will allow you to build order sets and templates as you treat patients. Later, you can re-use these order sets when you see patients with similar diagnoses.

Simple and Attractive User Interface

​​With doctors spending one-third of their time using an EHR, Nimbo is designed to be natural and easy on the eyes. Minimal screen openings will allow you to move through the system with a minimal number of mouse clicks. Document the entire clinical encounter in a single screen.