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Manage all of your patients' information from an easy to use cloud based app.

The easiest to use EHR.

Discover how easy it is to have all of your
practice’s data in the cloud. Create your
free account in minutes.

Organize your Practice

With Nimbo you will have better control of your practice no matter where or on what device you are.

Faster Encounters

Check patient records, document new encounters, or check your schedule in seconds.

Secure Information

We follow the highest standards of encryption and data security. All your data is safe and backed up in the cloud.

Can your current EHR do all of this?

Nimbo has all the functionality you need to have a simple,
fast and easy control of your practice’s day to day operation.


Plan your days, book appointments and manage your encounters with a schedule completely in sync with your patients health records.

Medical history and charting

All of your medical notes, medical histories, laboratory results and prescriptions easily accessible from any web browser in any device.

Print prescriptions and health records

Set up your medical prescriptions and always have the option to export health records to PDF and print them for referrals.

Work across your practice

Your assistant will be able to help you manage your schedule and other administrative tasks so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Store files

Keep all your patient data in one place by attaching X-rays, lab studies, files, photos or any other document to a patient’s health record.

Clinical Decision Support

We use Wolters Kluwer’s technology to analyze prescriptions and give you a warning in case of any adverse interaction between medications or with the patient's allergies.

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Nimbo saves you time and money.

Nimbo will always have a free version.
If you want to unleash its full potential with incredible
functionality you can subscribe to our Gold plan.





What our users say about us.

With Nimbo I save a lot of time when treating my patients and I can very easily access all of the patients clinical data.

- Dr. F. Kurt Overhage H., Internal Medicine.

I love the platform and the way the health records are structured; filling in data and visualizing it on consultations is very easy and concrete. Furthermore, the Google Calendar integration reduces no-shows with my patients!

- Nadllely Sámano Márquez, Nutrologist

Having greater control of patient’s allergies and chronic degenerative diseases of my patients, allows me a better treatment and visualization of medical evolution.

- Janeth Carrillo Sanchez, General Physician

With Nimbo I can create, check and add medical information from anywhere in the world. My patients are with me wherever I go thanks to Nimbo. Colleagues: You have to try this app!

- Dr. Eric González, General Physician