The smart health record for modern
physicians and clinics.

All of your patient’s data, organized and always available from any device.

Practice Management

Having your practice management system completely integrated with your EHR is amazing. Manage your schedule and make sure your patients come to their appointments all from an easy to use app.

Appointment Reminders

Nimbo will help your patients never miss an appointment. Send email reminders so your patients will always have their appointment information at hand.

Online appointment booking

Your patients will be able to book their appointments online. Nimbo generates a unique URL for your clinic that you can share anywhere.

Assistant Profiles

Work in tune with the rest of your staff. Focus on giving your patients the best care possible by allowing your assistant to efficiently manage all of your administrative tasks.

Sync with Google Calendar

Check your schedule from your favourite calendar app by synchronizing Nimbo with your Google Account.


Electronic Health Record

Whether you want to see the summary of a patient's last encounter, their family background or a prescription you gave them 6 months ago, all of your patients’ clinical information is just a search away.

  • Charting and Patient Encounters
  • Customizable Medical History

  • Vital Signs Graphs
  • Print prescriptions and health records
  • Send prescriptions by email
  • Store Lab works and X-rays in the cloud
  • Smart diagnostics and drug search
  • Duplicate patient creation prevention

Smart Prescriptions

Set up your medical prescription with your personal information and print prescriptions for your patients with a simple click.

Clinical Decision Support

Nimbo uses Medi-span and UpToDate to analyze and give you warnings in case of duplicate therapies or adverse interactions between the drugs you are prescribing. Furthermore, we have the monographies of over 3,000 medications.

Customize your prescription

Set up your prescription with your personal information and choose one of our different templates to represent your practice.You’ll have access to your patients electronic prescriptions from any device, and you can print it whenever you need to.


Reporting and Dashboards

We believe that being able to measure your practice with real time data will help achieve a better performance, that’s why we’ve created real time dashboards and reports for your practice.

Metrics Dashboard

It’s really easy to get caught up in the day to day work, thanks to Nimbo now you can see statistics and trends in your patient encounters. Convert your encounters data into strategic information to grow your business.

Automatic Report Generation

Every Monday you will have a clear view of what happened in your practice last week, from how many encounters you had, how many new patients you saw or what your schedule is looking like for the following week.


Billing and Revenue Control

With Nimbo you’ll be able to manage your fee list and register any charges related to a patient visit. Control and visualize your income without any extra effort.

Keep track of your billing

Document all patient charges related to an appointment and keep track of your practice financial performance.

Add your organization's services and prices

Register and maintain your practice fee list for all the medical services you provide. It’s easy and hassle-free.

Reports and Statistics based on your needs

You’ll have your own dashboard to track your practice financial performance, analyze new medical services, average receipt price, and overall income.